Paving the Road – Implementing an International Growth Strategy


BST Partners was invited to support the leadership team of a consultancy to develop ideas and measures for the implementation of their international growth strategy. Over two days, more than 20 focus areas and corresponding action plans have been developed with the active participation of all leaders – fostering engagement, entrepreneurship and community within the leadership team.


The 2 day strategy meeting had the purpose to develop ideas and actions for the implementation of the strategy 2025. Additionally, the strategy meeting should signal a new way of cooperation fostering mutual support, self-organization and entrepreneurship.


BST partners supported the leadership team in designing the strategy meeting and facilitated the meeting on site. For the meeting itself, we choose an approach that fostered a shared understanding of the new strategy, enabled critical voices and questions to be raised and supported self-organization within the leadership team to implement the strategy across business lines and regions.

The core of the meeting was shaped in the open space format. In the build up to the open space, presentations, warming up activities and opportunities to raise questions ensured a shared understanding of content, scope and intentions for the new strategy and the new way of working.

In the closing of the conference, we focused on lessons learned about the organization and the collaboration in the team and a clear alignment and commitment to the next steps. In the words of our clients:

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