Formed in 2016 as a platform to support the development of narrative theory and practice in organizations. Since then our collaboration evolved.

Today, we are active in many fields – from initiating and facilitating change in organizations to the development of brands and marketing campaigns to digital learning and knowledge management.

We are experienced in working across different industries and sectors, always searching for the best way to support organizations, teams and communities in finding the story they want to live into.


Organizational Transformation and Team Development

Stories are “in some deep sense a joint product of the teller and the told.“ (Jerome Bruner). That is why the exploration of how the “stories we live by” come to existence and how we can shape them, is an important aspect of thinking and muddling through organizational change and the transformation of an organizational identity. It is not only about how to craft an artful story, but narratives that relate to a deeper sense of identity, for organizations and individuals within them. That define what we think leadership can and should be. That define what our organizations and brands stand for.

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Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Working with stories is a deeply dialogical process, that enables us to understand and create new accounts of who we are and where we want to go. It is about supporting organizations and communities to uncover their culturally taken-for-granted beliefs and re-author stories of themselves that are empowering, inspiring and inclusive. At the same time stories have the capacity to translate very complex issues in a plot that makes them easier to understand, and turn the abundance of data into actionable insights.


Brand Development and Strategy

A brand can be much more than a name or a symbol; it can be a whole experience. This experience gets strong and convincing when it is connected to the organizational myth as well as to the customer. Given the complex media environment of today a lot of businesses struggle to get their message heard. Good stories promise to stick out from the masses and to be heard by our customers, partners and constituents. In a world of likewise products it is the story we buy. With strong brands one can build up narrative territories, which can serve as platforms for storysharing customers.



With our flagship event “Beyond Storytelling” – the conference on narrative work and storytelling in organizations – we are striving to advance theory and practice of working with stories in organizations, communities and with individuals, and connecting narrative practitioners across professions all over the world. Beside this, we are keen to expand and re-think existing formats like camps, retreats, and story circles.


Research & Development

The strenghts of this collective journey lies in our commitment to continuously co-reflect and supervise our work as facitlitators, setting up valuable sign posts in the narrative terrain for colleagues across Europe and beyond. Welcome side effects are books like “Beyond Storytelling. Narrative Ansätze und die Arbeit mit Geschichten in Unternehmen” (2017) and “Transforming Organizations. Narrative and Story-Based Approaches” (2019).


Creation & Art Projects

The narrative approach is not only a means of reflection in the hand of the facilitator, but also fueling the creative soul. A way to deal with artistic and sociocultural challenges in different fields of creative work – resulting in storyboards, keynotes, videos, essays, novels, and exhibitions.